Birth Your Purpose

Birth Your Purpose Course

taught by Vanessa Canteberry
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Powerful, Inspiring, exciting and Enlightening!

Amonica Ferrell

Powerful, Inspiring, exciting and Enlightening!

Vanessa Canteberry
Vanessa Canteberry

About the instructor

Vanessa Canteberry is the CEO of Breaking Barriers Unapologetically. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She’s determined to continue to break the cycle of poverty, negligent and unnecessary hardship. Vanessa worked in Corporate America for 20 years as a Secretary. After being laid off in 2011, she knew something needed to change knowing she was a single parent of three. Vanessa was not able to obtain employment and the mere thought of being unable to support her son attending high school and two daughters attending college was unbearable.

For that reason, Vanessa challenged herself. She took a stand on faith and changed her mindset. She’s on a mission to educating individuals the importance of transformation of the W2 mindset in life and in business.

Now, she is a business owner, Speaker, Mindset Coach, co-host on Motivate Social Podcast, Best Selling Author, working from the comfort of her home. She is also committed to teaching individuals how they too, can become a business owner and overcome obstacles in their life.

Your past does not determine your destiny and make what seems impossible, possible. InspiredByVanessa stands on FAITH and refuses to allow FEAR to void VISIONS, that needs to be seen and heard on so many platforms. She teaches you that you are more than a W2.

To learn about Vanessa, feel free to visit and/or (312) 843-0877

Course Description

There are times when most people just end up feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled, being unsure of your talents and passions, and lacking a sense of direction or purpose in your life and in your work. For many, this is reality, but it doesn’t have to be. With a bit of self-inquiry, introspection, and determination, you can discover your purpose and determine what work you were born to do; and when you do, it feels like finding the missing piece of a puzzle.

Although your purpose has been with you most of your life, it is not always apparent and can take some digging to find. This is because we seldom take our natural talents and passions into account when we choose our work. Instead, we take a job based on how well it pays or what our families’ expectations are; or we choose our college major at age 18 with little regard to whether the career we are studying is a good fit.

Finding your purpose takes some effort, but it gives you in return such important awareness and insight into yourself. When you think about the rest of your life, investing a bit of time to discover yourself is well worth that effort.

Course Contents

3 Videos
2.0 hrs